There may be times when fatigue, exacerbation's, or temporary to permanent progression will result in a temporary to permanent loss of your driving ability.  This section is to “provide a fast, efficient, accessible, economical, and convenient transportation options and services that meet your interests and needs.”

A Commitment to Your Independence and Safety

Handicap Driver Training is committed to our client's independence and driving safety. Our program assists experienced drivers and first time drivers who have acquired or have a developmental disability. For seasoned elderly drivers, we offer a complete reassessment of driving skills so that clients and their families can be assured they are driving safely. Vehicle modifications or adaptive equipment will be recommended as needed to make driving as hassle-free as possible and assess driving safety through clinical and behind-the-wheel evaluations.

Transportation Vouchers, Shuttle Service, The MS Van (For CA residents only)
L.A. Metro transportation and Services
Metro strives to ensure that its services (including over 200 bus and rail routes) are fully accessible to all of our customers, including those with disabilities.
Handicap Driver Training
"Assisting people in retaining or gaining their independence with or without the use of adaptive equipment. Promoting public safety by creating safer drivers."
San Diego Trolley - SDMTS
"is known for its reliability, safety, and convenience"
American Public Transportation Association
"find all 50 states, U.S. State and Local Transit Links
"we comply with ADA and we have worked to make our facilities more accessible to customers with disabilities.
Orange County Transportation Authority
"simply pick the pass that's right for you and start saving today with discounted fares"
Riverside Transit Agency (RTA)
"make travel simple and affordable by knowing the fares and passes available to you"