There are a broad variety of Award/Grant/Scholarship opportunities available for persons with Multiple Sclerosis and/or members of their families. *Award, is to confer or bestow as being deserved or merited or needed *Grant, is to bestow or transfer formally-in-aid *Scholarship, is a grant-in-aid to a student.

List of College Scholarships and Financial Aid for Students With Disabilities

"Getting an education is a complex task for all students, especially for those who are disabled. Such students have to work twice as hard to get a degree compared to other students who do not have such health issues."
Elaine Chapin Fund
"this scholarship will provide funds to support the post-secondary education of students impacted by multiple sclerosis, either directly or as a family member"
Applications from Nov 1st - April 30th
College Scholarships
"Students who are afflicted with a disability personally or have a family member with a disability."
Grant Benefits and Opportunities
"The purpose of college grants is to make educational funds however minimal, available to financially needy students to help defray the cost of a college education."

MS Scholarship
"the first organization, dedicated to the disease Multiple Sclerosis, to award scholarships to students. One or two $500.00 scholarships are awarded annually at each high school involved to seniors who raise the most funds for MS" Scholarship
“Awards two $500 scholarships each year.”
information about scholarships and fellowships for students with disabilities"
Fighting back Scholarship Program
"recognize and provide financial assistance for post-rehabilitative exercise to individuals who have suffered a life changing illness or injury"