Newly Diagnosed

Are you newly diagnosed adult with multiple sclerosis (MS) or suspect that you may have MS? You are not alone with an estimated 400,000 people (ages 2-75) in the U.S. that have been diagnosed with MS and many others awaiting the same diagnoses. You may be overwhelmed with symptoms and treatment options needed to take charge and manage your MS. We have provided steps and resources so you can still enjoy a full and productive life. Pediatric: Is your child newly diagnosed? 
9 Must-Ask Questions for Your Kid’s MS Doctor
Newly Diagnosed?    What to do first??

1. Follow the advice of your neurologist.

2. If you are not comfortable with your neurologist or do not have one, find a new one right away (you can find a recommended neurologist and/or neurology center under “find a neurologist”).

3. Once you find a neurologist, you will have a lot of questions (look our "MS Knowhow" tab; subtabe "Ask your doctor") for a list of possible questions.

4. Get on a MS drug that is approved by the FDA that is meant to decrease the number of flare-ups and slow the occurrence of the physical disability that is common in people with MS.

5. Take your medication as prescribed. It will not work if you do not take it.

6. Sign up with all of the drug companies that treat MS, (you will find a list in the “drug companies” tab even if you are not on their drug. This will put you on their mailing list for current MS information as well as MS chats/seminars/webinars.

7. Sign up for the free publications such as magazines and newsletters (you can find a list under “organizations” and/or “drug companies”)

8.  MS is different for every individual, just like a set of fingerprints. Therefore every MS patient experiences their own set of symptoms and it is important to know the possibilities. (Look at the "MS Knowhow" tab)

9. Watch our video in the Library section to learn what MS is. You can share this with the people in your life that you want to share your diagnoses with.

10. Find a support group. If the group does not suit you, find one that does as each one is unique.

11. Sign up for newly diagnosed program at the National MS Society:

12. The Helping Hand tab provides links to programs and services available to MSers that provide some economic relief.