MS 101

This section will provide msers with the practical knowledge in getting started on the right path. Do your homework, research, talk to others, look for and know your choices. Knowledge is power; you are your best advocate.
The Common Questions of MS
Connecting your team
Building a network among all the people in your healthcare team
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Should Be Assessed in MS Cases
Clinical evaluation of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients should include the assessment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) alongside neurological ones, according to a recent study.
When Do MS Symptoms Become a Relapse?
New MSAA MS Relapse Toolkit
"Helpful tools for understanding MS relapses, learning about treatments, and preparing for these unexpected flare-ups in disease activity"
Tips for living with MS

Understanding Care Cost

"Caring for someone with a progressive neurological disease can be financially challenging. These expert tips can help protect you and your loved one"
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation (MSF)
"Empower Yourself Through Self-Advocacy."
Swedish MS Center
"there is a slightly increased risk of MS in family members"
Paralysis Resource Center
"Top 20 Most livable U.S. Cities for wheelchair users"