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MS Clinics. Are they a right fit for you?
"A clinic or center dedicated to multiple sclerosis can provide comprehensive care over the course of your life with MS."

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1.) MS Center of California - Featuring Dr. Daniel S. Bandari

MS Center of California - Featuring Dr. Daniel S. Bandari

The MS Center is committed to providing services related to the diagnosis, treatment, management and education of multiple sclerosis. Dr. Bandari uses a variety of treatment options including the latest FDA approved therapies that are available for treating MS. The wide range of staff at the MS Center, including front office staff and medical assistances, MS nurses, infusion nurses and MS specialized neurologists all work together to offer the best healthcare possible.

            The MS Center is located at 3900 West Coast Highway, Suite 330, Newport Beach, CA 92663 Tel: 949-706-5580 | Fax: 949-706-5585 |  The MS Center is part of the Hoag Neurosciences Institute and is centrally located in Southern CA with easy freeway access from Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego. The MS Center has its own parking garage that is free and conveniently located adjacent to the MS Center building. Patients from all parts of California and other states seek evaluation and second opinions through the MS Center of California.

The MS Center is designed to be fully ADA accessible keeping the “MS-er” in mind for both functionality and efficiency. As you enter the facility, the elevators lead to an attractive and spacious waiting room that is constructed with wide paths and seating for easy mobility. As you check-in, you will notice that the counter is at a wheelchair height making the space easily accessible for people who are challenged by mobility. The isle ways, doors and restrooms are also widened for ease of mobility. Each exam room has a restroom directly across for patients with “MS bladder.”

The MS Center was designed not only for patient care accounts, but also for community based events. There is a conference center onsite, as well as an alternative area in the waiting room, that could be available for support and advocacy group meetings. These areas are offered at no cost; however, reservations are required.

            The MS Center offers an array of comprehensive state of art services for varied stages of MS that are offered at the MS Center directly or in very close proximity to the MS Center.

         Pain Management

         Infusion center / Laboratory services

         Neuro-Cognitive evaluation and therapy

         Occupational / Physical therapy (MS certified therapist) / Vocational rehabilitation

         Psychologist and  Psychiatrist

         Spasticity clinic

         Speech Therapy / Voice and Swallowing Center

         Radiology services (MRI 3 tesla, MRS, DTI, and Brain Atrophy Measurements)


            The MS Center offers a specialty nurse, known as a MS nurse navigator, who assist patients and their families in helping them access and navigate the healthcare system. The MS nurse navigator is able to aid patients into comprehensive care quickly and efficiently. They educate in diagnosis, treatments, educational programs, and clinical research studies. The MS Nurse Navigator notifies Dr. Bandari and MS team when an MS patient has been admitted in the hospital in order to assure MS patients are receiving optimal care. Contact the MS Nurse Navigator at: 949-764-6066.

            Dr. Bandari and Hoag Neurosciences Institute have an annual symposium with over one hundred doctors that attend. At the symposiums,  he educates and further inform doctors on MS diagnosis and proper management so they can identify the early signs and symptoms. Dr. Bandari also believes in keeping himself well educated and up to date on new findings and information pertaining to MS. There are plans for expansion of services and offer care to Adolescence with MS as well. This will be with proper affiliation and training through the pediatric MS center at UCSF. Currently UCSF is the only center in the west  Coast designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a center of excellence for comprehensive care of children and adolescents with MS and related diseases"(Multiple Sclerosis Center. N.p., 2002. Web. 8 Oct. 2013.). In the future, the MS Center will provide care options, research and clinical trials for adolescence MS patients.

            The mission of the onsite research department is to develop new medicines and proper methodology to manage and ultimately cure MS. Several studies are in progress including “ clinical studies in neuro- protection, neuro- regeneration and Neuronal Stem Cell project in MS, improvement in quality of life in MS patients including innovating treatments for spasticity as well as research in new pharmacologic treatments for MS including IV and I oral medications.” If you are interested in finding out more about the trials and research or how to participate, please go to:

            Through the Electronic Medical Records and with extensive HIPPA compliance and safeguards patients of the MS center are able to login to the Patient Portal to view their medical records for limited information, such as test results and lab work. Dr. Bandari places importance on keeping the patient informed and be a partner in their own healthcare. Visit the MS centers website. Learn more by signing-up for their E-Newsletter; follow them on Facebook and/or YouTube. Visit:  to find out more about Dr. Bandai, MS facts, services, research/news, education/programs, contact the office and office practice.

            Dr. Daniel Bandari - Director, MS Center of California - Hoag Neurosciences Institute  -  Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology - Clinical Neurology & Multiple Sclerosis - Patients' Choice Award, 2008 – 2011 & Compassionate Doctor Recognition, 2010 – 2011.