MS Fitness

5 Fitness Websites for MS

“Exercise is quickly being recognized as one of the most important approaches for self-managing the consequences of MS,” said researcher Robert Motl in a November 7, 2017 MD magazine interview. "

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Holistic Strategies

Treating MS with Holistic Behaviors and Strategies: A Nutritionist’s View

"A holistic relationship links the nervous system with the brain and the gut microbiome."

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Living With MS: Exercise Tips

"Exercise isn't just good for your overall health, it's an important part of multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment. Being active gives you more energy and makes you less tired. It can boost your mood and help prevent bladder and bowel problems."

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"To find an MS event from Biogen in your area, please select the type of event you are looking for and select a state (if applicable).Be sure to talk to your doctor as he or she is your main source of information"

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UCFS Health

"Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle with Multiple Sclerosis"

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