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Need to Know: Can a Chiropractor Treat MS?

*How chiropractic care can help MS pain and dysfunction
*Chiropractic care in MS research
*Is chiropractic care for everybody?

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Vegetable-rich Diet, Other Interventions, May Help Lower Fatigue in Progressive MS

One year of a vegetable-rich diet — combined with exercise, neuromuscular stimulation, and stress reduction techniques — is effective in easing fatigue in people with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). Researchers say the results may be linked to changes in blood fat levels, in particular cholesterol.

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Medication Help

Some Neuros Make DMT (DMT=disease-modifying therapies) Choice Harder than It Should Be

"More than 15 disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) are available in most high-income countries to treat multiple sclerosis (MS). DMTs come in the form of injectables, infusions, and pills. Some are new, others have been around for more than 20 years. Some have a greater possibility of serious side effects than others. Some DMTs are highly effective at slowing or stopping disease progression; others, not so much."

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Benefits of DME

Scooters, Walkers, and Canes (DME=Durable Medical Equipment) Should Trump Ego

“When my wheelchair comes, I’ll be able to travel miles on the sidewalk with my friends. I’ll be able to go to restaurants, to concerts, and to work without feeling afraid of running out of energy or falling."

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