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November / December Articles 2021

Manage MS

Manage MS Symptoms

"Learn about different types of MS problems and tips for managing them. MS symptoms can change over time, but you can prepare yourself by getting informed"

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Progression in MS -1

Part I: Understanding Progression in MS

1. Background Information
2. Types of MS
3. The Pathogenesis of MS Progression
4. The Measures and Assessment of Progression
5. The Natural Progression of MS
6. Criteria for Diagnosis and Description Modifiers
7. Non-MS Causes of Clinical Worsening

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Progression in MS -2

Part II: Treating Progression in MS

1. Disease-Modifying Treatment Approaches Targeting 
2. Inflammation Disease-Modifying Therapy to Delay
3. Progression in MS
4. Rehabilitation through Physical, Occupational, and Speech 5. Therapy
6. Symptom Management
7. Bladder Problems
8. Muscle Spasticity
9. Walking and Mobility Issues
10. Emotional Issues
11. Cognitive Issues
12. Fatigue
13. Neuropathic and Neuromuscular Types of Pain

Kids Adaptive Services

Through the Looking Glass
"Through the Looking Glass has been providing adaptive babycare services for parents and caregivers with physical and vision disabilities for more than 30 years"

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Near You

Find out what's happening near you - NMSS
"Enter your zip code, state or share your current location and we will show you everything going on in your community!"

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Needy Meds

Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Multiple Sclerosis - Needy Meds

"Programs are listed in alphabetical order by national first then alphabetically by state.

47 Diagnosis-Based Assistance Programs for Multiple Sclerosis.

Also look for Camps and Scholarships for Multiple Sclerosis"

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Holiday Travel

Holiday travel is just around the corner.

TRAVELING WITH MS:The Ultimate Guide

"Active MSers has prepared an exhaustive guide for traveling with a disability, with a focus on multiple sclerosis."

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