December Articles 2020

Rx and Medical Help

Saving up to 80% on your prescriptions is as easy as
1: Find free coupons 2: Show coupon to your pharmacist 3: Save up to 80%.

Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine.

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Health Care Journey

Our vision: to be the the most respected, valued, and used Virtual Multiple Sclerosis Center for all patients, caregivers, HCPs, and payors; providing the highest quality information and services to best manage diseases/conditions and symptoms.

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Get Organized

Tips for Keeping Up with the Latest MS Info

"It is quite a struggle some days to stay current on the latest studies, webinar presentations, and newly-released MS disease-modifying therapies. As a patient advocate, I want to keep up on these so I can share information with the MS community"

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Handicap Driver Training

A Commitment to Your Independence and Safety

Handicap Driver Training is committed to our client's independence and driving safety. Our program assists experienced drivers and first time drivers who have acquired or have a developmental disability. For seasoned elderly drivers, we offer a complete reassessment of driving skills so that clients and their families can be assured they are driving safely. Vehicle modifications or adaptive equipment will be recommended as needed to make driving as hassle-free as possible and assess driving safety through clinical and behind-the-wheel evaluations.

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Reduced Utilities

Reduced/Free Utilities
Check with your city to see if you qualify for reduced or free utilities. In CA, if you or a family member have a illness that is temperature sensitive (life MS),  you might qualify for a discount on electricity and/or gas. In some cities like Fremont, CA, at age 70 your garbage bill is reduced by 50% and at age 80 you garbage if free.

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9 Ways Caregivers Can Recharge

These tips may help you pay for someone to look after your loved one and allow you the time off you need.

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Prioritizing Your Time and Activities
"We all know what the word “priority” means. When living with MS, our priorities are focused on managing symptoms. Making time for activities that bring joy, fulfillment and improve our quality of life are neglected and moved aside. When this happens, life becomes imbalanced. Of course, taking care of your health is a priority. But incorporating other activities of interest will improve your health and well-being"

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