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By participating in sponsored events (in-person or webcast), you will have the opportunity to be kept informed and educated on therapies, current news, drug trials, and other MS topics. Events are held across the country so you can stay connected with up to date information and the multiple sclerosis community in your area. (Note: Most events can be attended even if not on their therapy) *Before starting any treatment, it should be determined by your health care provider.
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Ampyra - approved in 2013.
(Extended Release Pill)
"the only prescription medicine indicated to help improve walking in adults with MS. This was demonstrated by an increase in walking speed"
Aubagio -by: Sanofi Genzyme, approved in 2012.
(A once a day oral pill)
"Is approved by FDA to treat relapsing forms of MS."
Avonex -by: Avonex,approved in 1996.
once a week injection-intramuscular)

"Is approved by FDA to treat relapsing forms of MS."
Gilenya by: Norvartis, approved in 2010.
(A once a day oral pill)
"Is a prescription medication use to treat relapsing forms of MS."
Lemtrada by: Genzyme, approved in 2014.
(First Treatment: 12 mg/day on 5 consecutive days (60 mg total dose). Second Treatment: 12 mg/day on 3 consecutive days (36 mg total dose) administered 12months after the first treatment course.)
"is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS). Because of its risks, LEMTRADA is generally used in people who have tried 2 or more MS medicines that have not worked well enough."
Mallinckrodt (formerly Questcor)
(injection-subcutaneously or inner muscular)
"Acthar is a self-injection. This gives you the flexibility to inject it at home and on your own schedule—wherever and whenever is best"

Mavenclad by: EMD Serono, approved in 2019
(oral medication that is given in only two annual courses for a maximum of 20 days over a period of two years. No additional treatments are needed for the next two years)
Mayzent by: Narvartis approved in 2019
(A once a day pill)
"used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, to include clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease, in adults"
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Ocrevus by: Genentech, approved in 2017.
(The first dose is given as 2 separate infusions, 2 weeks apart. Every dose after your first will be given as 1 single infusion 6 months apart)
"Is approved by the FDA to treat relapsing  and primary progressive forms of MS."
Plegridy by: Biogen Idec, approved in 2014.
(A bi-weekly injection-subcutaneously)
"Is approved by FDA to treat the long-term treatment of relapsing forms of MS."
Rebif - (MS Life Lines) by: EMD Serono, approved in 2002.
(A three day per week injection-
"Is a prescription medication use to treat relapsing forms of MS."

Tecfidera by: Biogen Idec, approved in 2013.
(A daily oral pill)
"approved by the FDA for the treatment of people with relapsing forms of MS"
TYSABRI by: Biogen Idec, approved in 2006.
(A infusion (IV) therapy given once every four weeks)

"Is a prescription medication approved for adult patients with relapsing forms of MS."
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"To find an MS event from Biogen in your area, please select the type of event you are looking for and select a state (if applicable).Be sure to talk to your doctor as he or she is your main source of information"
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