Clinical trials are a set of procedures in medical research and drug development that are conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for health interventions.         
MSAA MS Research Update 2017
"provides important new data on approved and experimental treatments for MS, and is a valuable resource to the entire MS community"
Newport Beach Clinical Research Associates
"We currently specialize in neurology based trials and work closely with several Directors of the Hoag Neurosciences Institute"
Bastyr University
"Multiple Sclerosis Researchers Seek Help with Unconventional Studies"
Clinical Trials Resource Center (MSAA)
"presented in partnership with CenterWatch, the leading publisher of information on clinical research"
Center Watch
"a worldwide listing of clinical trials currently looking for volunteers to enroll in Multiple Sclerosis studies"
Biogen Idec
"phased development for MS durgs"
Search Clinical Trials
"a service to include free custom searches for patients requiring additional assistance”
IFPMA Clinical Trials Portal
"is brought to you by IFPMA on behalf of its Member Companies and Associations"
Clinical Trials Gov
"is a registry and results database of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world"
MS Resource Center UK
"We aim to bring you all the latest research news on issues relating to MS"
International Pediatric MS Study Group
"to optimize worldwide care, education and research in pediatric multiple sclerosis (MS) and other acquired inflammatory demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system (CNS)"

Trish MS Research
"Australia’s Research Management Council"
MS Pipeline
"a multiple sclerosis treatment pipeline"
MS Research Center of New York
"the Center's medical research is designed to understand all aspects of MS"

Myelin Repair Foundation
"a new and comprehensive model for medical research and drug development that significantly shortens the time to market for new medicines for all diseases"
"is a research program that allows people with Multiple Sclerosis to expedite Multiple Sclerosis research by volunteering information about their experience with MS"
NIH Stem Cell Research
"stem cells may offer a renewable source of replacement cells to treat diseases, conditions, and disabilities"
UCI MS Research Center (MSRC)
"the overall goal is to identify new targets for treatment of MS that are focused upon dampening ongoing neuroinflammation as well as promoting repair of damaged nerve tissue"