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Services, Products, Discounts... for people with MS & disabilities.
Does MS affect your ability to read? You can find helpful devices at the NLS.
The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS), Library of Congress, administers a free national library program that provides braille and recorded materials to people who cannot see regular print or handle print materials. Established by an Act of Congress in 1931 to serve blind adults, the program was expanded in 1952 to include children, in 1962 to provide music materials, in 1966 to include individuals with other physical disabilities that prevent reading regular print, and in 2016 to permit NLS to provide refreshable braille displays.
Find Devices:
MSFocus has Grants & Programs for MSers
1) Assistive Technology Program
2) Brighter Tomorrow Grant
3) Cooling Program
4) Computer Program
5) Emergency Assistance Grant
6) Health and Wellness Grant
7) Healthcare Assistance Grant
There are a variety of resources available to help address the financial impact of living with MS and help you plan for a future with MS -NMSS
1) Tips for people with MS and their partners: Planning for the future
2) Financial Planning
3) Financial Resources (listed by need)
4) Assistance Specifically for Persons Living with MS
5) Benefit Finders
6) Request Community Resources
Hybrid Power Electric, Inc.
A full service electrical contractor. We work to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. We guarantee that all clients will experience the highest level of quality, honesty, and professionalism. We service Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free estimate. Mention msbucket to receive 10% off electrical service.
Thank You, Jeremy and Natalie - Owners
Reduced/Free Utilities
Check with your city to see if you qualify for reduced or free utilities. In CA, if you or a family member have a illness that is temperature sensitive (life MS),  you might qualify for a discount on electricity and/or gas. In some cities like Fremont, CA, at age 70 your garbage bill is reduced by 50% and at age 80 you garbage if free.
Ability Tools
Services include:

Buy, Sell, Borrow & Free (AT Exchange), Reuse Programs, Repair Fund, Device Lending Libraries, Get Internet Access (DAP), Abilities tools Calendar, Training, Programs, Independent Living Centers (AT Advocates), Information & Advocacy, Services Directory, Services Map and more.
The Special Life
"Disability discounts seems to be one of our society's best kept secrets. Yet there are companies offer discounts for a variety of things. If you have a family with disabilities , this can make a real difference!"
California Alternate Rates for Energy
(Southern CA Gas Co.)

"The CARE program provides a 20% discount on the monthly gas bill for eligible households."  DISCOUNTED
Medical Baseline Allocation
Southern CA Edison-Riverside)
"The Medical Baseline Allocation program provides an additional amount of kWhs per day at the lowest baseline rate in effect to qualified customers."  DISCOUNTED
Medical Baseline Allowance
(SDG&E-San Diego)
"You can save money on your SDG&E bill through the Medical Baseline program when you have certain medical conditions or equipment that impact your bill."  DISCOUNTED

Variance Request for Residential Water Allocation 
This form is to request an allocation other than the standard amount uses for your type of home.


Equipment Distribution Program (MSAA)
"application for safety, mobility, & daily living products"

The program is based on financial need.  FREE
MRI Institute Application (MSAA)
"receive a partial or fully covered Cranial MRI every 2 years"

The program is based on financial need.  FREE
Cooling Equipment Distribution  (MSAA)
"MSAA offers MSers who qualify a choice of 1)
a Cooling Kit which includes a vest worn under clothing with a variety of accessories for the neck, wrists and ankles; or 2) a Standard Coolig Vest which is worn over clothing."  FREE
The program is based on financial need.

IRS: 7 Tax Benefits for Disabled Taxpayers (AARP)
"taxpayers with disabilities & parents of children with disabilities may qualify for a number of IRS tax credits & benefits"
  FREE Benefit
National MS Society Financial Assistance
"Financial assistance to individuals with MS and their families to help access needed services that are not available using other resources." 
This program is based on financial need

First Hand Foundation  (for children)
"First Hand is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding for individual children with health-related needs when insurance and other financial resources have been exhausted"   
The program is based on financial need.

Wheel to Walk Foundation  (for children)
"is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults (21 years and younger) with disabilities obtain medical equipment or services that is not provided by their insurance companies”
Sight for Students
"Provides free vision exams and glasses to low-income, uninsured children."  FREE
California State Parks
"Passes, Discounts, and Coupons."  FREE/DISCOUNTED

Loma Linda University

"Free and Affordable Health Care Services in San Bernardino County."  FREE/DISCOUNTED

Needy Meds                                                           "Find coupons for your medicines. There may also be a patient assistance program for the drug so always check the brand and generic name lists."  FREE

Pre-Existing Condition Health Plan Enrollment Still Well Below
Disabled Discounts
"It is a simple and convenient single source of information on discounts and services available to people living with disabilities." 
**There is a $25 annual subscription fee**
Modest Needs
"apply for a grant for your personal individual needs"
Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
"enables low-income families to permanently reduce their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient"

U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)
"is designed to answer frequently asked questions on the housing rights of people with disabilities and the responsibilities of housing providers and building and design professionals under federal law" 
"program is a cooperative effort between FCC and tech companies. Internet and Computers"
This program is based on financial need.
Community Action Partnership pf Orange County (CAPOC)
"has mobilized & directed resources to programs that assist, educate & promate self-sufficience in Orange County"  FREE
This program is based on financial need.
ARC of San Diego
"the largest, most comprehensive provider of services to children & adults with disabilities in S.D. County"
Rebuilding Together
"is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization providing critical home repairs, modifications and improvements for America’s low-income homeowners" 
This program is based on financial need.
Share Our Selves
"provides Social Services, Medical Clinic, Dental Clinic, Comprehensive CARE Center, SOS-El Sol Wellness Center"
This program is based on financial need
National Eye Institute
"need of financial aid to assess or treat an eye problem, you might contact one or more of the following programs" *see website
The word "DREAMS" may end in MS, but MS didn't end my dreams.
Don't let it end yours.
My journey with Multiple Sclerosis, by Kristie Salerno Kent.
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