"Trevor Wicken, CEO and Founder has been a medical fitness practitioner for over 15 years. His primay focus is on the MS GYM and setting one million people with MS free to live a life by design not diagnosis."

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Exercises Study

Results from CU Exercise and MS Study Show Benefits of Balance Exercises

"The researchers found that MS patients who took part in an exercise program focused on balance and vision experienced significantly more improvement in balance, fatigue, cognition, dizziness, and quality of life than those individuals in the untreated control group."

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Complementary & Alternative

Complementary & Alternative Medicine

"The term complementary medicine refers to therapies that are used in addition to conventional medicine, while the term alternative medicine is used to describe treatment that is used instead of conventional medicine."

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Diet and MS

Study Shows Association between Diet Quality and MS Disability, Symptoms

"Our understanding about the connection between diet and MS is an evolving body of research. A recent study published in the journal of Neurology this month adds to our overall understanding about the association between diet and disability and symptom severity in MS. This large-scale study suggests that a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle are associated with lower levels of disability and symptom severity in MS."

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Home Care Assistance

Right at Home - In Home Care & Assistance
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Offering Companionship
Physical assistance & personal care & Personal care plans
Transportation to doctors appointments & Shopping
Meal preparation & medication reminders

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