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MS I.D. Card

The NMSS Mid Florida Chapter and the Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center both offer a Multiple Sclerosis Identification Card.
(fee may apply)



MS Walk 2014

Welcome to Team www.MSBUCKET.com!
We believe in this cause! We believe in a cure!

Walk MS is a day that brings friends, families and coworkers together to embrace an important cause. Join us to make a powerful statement and a real difference for those you care about. Each step we take brings us closer to a world free of MS!


April's Quote of the Month

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn’t go as planned, and that’s ok.

By R.W.

Temecula Bikram Yoga

Katy Katzmann attended our Temecula MS Support Group meeting on 4/7/14, Katy talked about the general benefits of Yoga and gave a hands-on demonstration to the group. Katy and her husband own the Temecula Bikram Yoga (yoga is in a heated room of 105 degrees) and offer several classes per week for all ages and skill levels.

Thank you, Katy.

For further info, you can contact Katy at:
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