New Bill for MS

21st Century Cures Approved in House Energy and Commerce Committee

"The bill will help to modernize and personalize healthcare, to encourage innovation, to support research and to streamline the system in order to deliver better, faster cures to patients. A notable provision included in the bill is the National Neurological Diseases Surveillance System, which is the same text as the Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act (H.R. 292/S.849). The data collection system that would be mandated in H.R. 292/ S.849 will create a nationwide system to track the incidence and prevalence of neurological diseases, including MS, which will help researchers examine potential risk factors and triggers for developing MS."

Teaching Kids about MS

Teaching Kids About MS With Honesty and Humor By: Meredith Vieira

Please see link below for the full Video and Article.

Parenting and MS

A Mom Gets Real: What Parenting Is Like With MS

"This single mother teaches her children to be self-sufficient and tolerant of others. It helps, too, that she plans ahead and stays organized"

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