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Disability Discounts!

Disability Discounts

"Disability discounts seems to be one of our society's best kept secrets. Yet there are companies offer discounts for a variety of things. If you have a family with disabilities , this can make a real difference!"

Learn of these offers by visiting the Helping hand link below:

Sponsord Events

By participating in sponsored events, you will have the opportunity to be kept informed and educated on therapies, current news, drug trials, and other MS topics. Events are held across the country so you can stay connected with up to date information and the multiple sclerosis community in your area.

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May's Quote of the Month

Inspire people. Have people say “Because of you I did not give up." Be MS STRONG!

New MS Drug

New MS Disease Modifying Drug. "FDA Approves a Generic Form of Copaxone® (Glatiramer Acetate) For Relapsing MS – Date of availability/price not yet announced."

Learn more at:

Go Fund Me

Taking Foster Kids to Disneyland
They say one of the toughest jobs... is being a parent. But being a foster parent of a child with a disability and/or chronic illness comes with additional challenges that require long term, intensive, specialized services on a daily basis. An even more difficult road is that of a medically fragile foster child. Unlike healthy, able bodied children, kids who struggle with medical conditions do not get to experience childhood as carefree because of their health condition. Medications, shots, surgeries, doctor visits, physical therapy and physical limitations often keep medically fragile children from enjoying many of the simple pleasantries of childhood.
While these foster children are in our care, we want to give them as much as a carefree childhood as possible. Please help us send them to Disneyland by donating today.

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