Drug Prevents Multiple Sclerosis Relapses in Phase 3 Trial (RMS)

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Helping Hand

A reminder of our Helping Hand tab to the left. Many people may be in need a saving money. Our helping hand tab provides businesses that offer Services, Products, Discounts... for people with MS & disabilities.

Save on Medications. Go to our Medication Assistance tab on the left or click the link below:

Additionally, mortgage interest rates are at a all time low. This offers the possibility of buying a home. Refinancing to shave years off your existing mortgage, a lower monthly payment, consolidating debt, or other financial benefits that may fit your needs.

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FAQs About COVID-19 and MS

"Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients could be at a higher risk of acquiring a nCoV infection if they are on immunomodulatory therapy.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this coronavirus and MS, and what to do to prevent infection."

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Grocery Delivery

Affordable Options for Grocery Delivery 

"For many people with neurologic conditions, it's tough to get out to the supermarket. Sometimes it's more practical to have groceries delivered. To help make the process more affordable, we investigated these option"

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Emergency Assistance Grant

Emergency Assistance Grant

"MS Focus' Emergency Assistance Grant provides full or partial financial assistance for urgent needs related to rent, utilities, or medication

Disclaimer - MS Focus does not provide assistance with mortgage payments."

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